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Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke - 'Smoke'


Black/white, brown eyed dog


Smoke progeny on our Web site:

Wintersweet's Woodrose - 'Rosie'


From Smoke's Photo Album...

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'Smoke' 'Smoke'

Left: 'Smoke' as a puppy; Right: Smoke takes a B.O.B.


Smoke's Pedigree

  Ch. Innisfree's Barbarrosa
  Ch. Innisfree's Royal Purple
  Innisfree's Fireweed
          Ch. Innisfree's Torch O'Tamerlane
  Ch. Marlytuk's Red Sun of Kiska
  Innisfree's Kismet
  Malinka's Pride
Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke 
  Ch. Weldon's Beau Tukker
  Ch. Innisfree's Red Roadster C.D.
  Ch. Innisfree's Kissing Sinner
          Ch. Innisfree's Darby - 'Darby'
  Ch. Innisfree's Pegasus
  Innisfree's Gabney
    Innisfree's Beau Biddy



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