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Synama's Pi Are Squared CD RE MX MXJ - 'Pi'


Piebald, Black/white, brown eyed bitch
A.K.C. Pointed
CERF - SH5958/98-51
OFA - SH12093E24F
Owned by Laura Watts & Patty Powell
Bred by Patty Powell & Joni Barnhardt

Latest news, May 16th, 2004:
Pi finished her Agility Excellent title last weekend! She finished this title with a first and a third place. Go Pi!! She is going to try for her Masters Agility (MX) and her Masters Jumpers (MXJ). She needs 10 clean runs under time for her MX and 9 clean runs under time for her MXJ.

  • 4/17/2003 - 'Pi' finished her A.X.J. title with a 2nd place in Lynchburg!
  • 10/12/2002 - 'Pi' earned her O.A.J. title with a clean run and first place!
  • 3/2/2001 - 'Pi' earned her first Novice obedience leg with a score of 191!


Photo by Spot Shots

Pi's Pedigree

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Synama's Pi Are Squared, A.X., A.X.J., C.D., C.G.C. 
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