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Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsprite - 'Molly'


Red/white, amber eyed bitch
Eyes cleared 11/1999
OFA - SH13359E
Bred by Betty Mitchell & Patty Powell

Winners bitch from the B.B.E. class at the Atlanta Specialty under breeder/judge Phyllis Brayton. Molly received an Award of Merit the same day. Finishing entirely from the B.B.E. class, Molly has a lovely gold medallion from the American Kennel Club.  


Molly progeny on our Web site:

Sired by Ch. Kristari's Perry Mason:
Wintersweet's Synama Woodlilly - 'Lily'
Wintersweet Synama Woodrose - 'Rose'

Sired by Ch. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy:
Synama's NASCAR Connection - 'Daytona'
Wintersweet's Chocolate Chip - 'Chipper'
Wintersweet Synama Woodsprite - 'Annie'

Sired by Ch. Solocha's Magnum P.I.:
Synama's Triple Play - ' Trey'
Wintersweet Without A Trace - 'Andy'

Molly's Pedigree

  Am./Can. Ch. Innisfree's Fire and Frost
  Ch. Skyzar's Firehouse - 'Flame'
  Ch. Kaycee's Saroja Sable O'Skyzar
          Ch. Synama's All The Right Moves - 'Cruise'
  Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo C.D.
  Khovaki's Wintersweet Phoebe - 'Phoebe'
  Khovaki's Kiana of Alatuk
Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsprite 
  Ch. Innisfree's Torch O'Tamerlane
  Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke - 'Smoke'
  Ch. Innisfree's Darby - 'Darby'
          Wintersweet's Woodrose - 'Rosie'
  Ch. Valdea's Samson of Des-Mar
  Ch. Pandi Valdea's Total Terra - 'Terra'
    Alakazan's Pandi Valdea



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