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Ch. Wintersweet's Red Hot Blues - 'Kate'


Red/white, amber eyed bitch
Eyes clear 3/15/03
OFA - SH13927E
Bred and owned by Patty Powell & Betty Mitchell

Finishing entirely from the B.B.E. class, Kate has received the American Kennel Club 'Bred by Exhibitor' award. Multi B.O.B. winner from the classes, she is a lovely moving bitch with a fantastic temperament! Watch for her out occasionally as a special. She is a B.O.B. and group placer.


Kate progeny on our Web site:

Sired by Ch. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy - 'Chip':
Wintersweet's Bet On The Blues - 'Grayboy'

From Kate's Photo Album...

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'Matt & Kate'

Center: Kate & Matt taking B.O.B. & B.O.S. Feb. 2002.

Kate's Pedigree

  Am./Can. Ch. Innisfree's Fire and Frost
  Ch. Skyzar's Firehouse - 'Flame'
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Ch. Wintersweet's Red Hot Blues 
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  Innisfree's Hope O'Terra Neva
          Ch. Wintersweet's Mona Lisa Blues - 'Lisa'
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