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Ch. Khovaki's Jazz Cellar - 'Jazz'


Grey/white, brown eyed bitch
CERF - SH3822
OFA - SH8690E
Owned by Patty Powell & Joni Barnhardt
Bred by Joni Barnhardt

April 26, 1988 - Feb 2, 2003

The 'Queen' at Synama, Jazz produced lovely puppies for us. She was a B.O.B. winner and group placer. Jazz had the ultimate personality, movement and type. A special thanks to Joni Barnhardt for sharing her with me. We spent many happy, fun years with Jazz.


To all our friends and family,

Today I lost a special part of our family. A dog that taught me so much about the Siberian husky breed. "Jazz" has been the "star" at this house.

From the beginning, I always knew she was special. She stuck close to me as a puppy and later in life was the only off lead dependable dog that we have had.

She taught me the game of dog shows and was the first "bitch" for me to finish an AKC title on while allowing me to learn the handling skills that I needed. She was a group placer and when bred produced her lovely temperament. She earned her Canine Good Citizen title and accompanied me with therapy dog visits.... Bred to my first "show" dog, Ch Wintersweet's Top Gun, she had our first litter of puppies that included my first homebred champion, Ch Synama's Days of Thunder. When bred a second time, she then produced a lovely litter bred to our Bart including Ch Synama's Fairy Tale. They both will be awaiting her arrival at the rainbow bridge.

But best of all, she loved everyone and everything. At 8 weeks, she came to us with 6 month old Brooke at the house and the two grew up together. She continued to help me raise Casey and Tyler as they came into our family. She graciously shared her room when a new puppy came to us. She will truly be missed by our family and we are forever grateful to Joni Barnhardt for sharing her with us.

There will never be another "queen" who thrived on getting her "Nilla Wafer" cookie from Billy every night. Thanks for the wonderful memories that you brought to us, "Snazzie Jazzie" ....

Until we meet again. (April 26, 1988-Feb 2, 2003)

Patty, Billy, Brooke, Casey and Tyler


To Patty and family from your friends .....

~ Remembering Jazz ~


'Baby Jazz'


Jazz with littermates: 'Tyson' (front middle), 'Jazz' to his right and 'Belle' (right rear)


Left: Sweet 'Jazz' and her 'baby' Brooke Powell, both about 1 year old ...
Right: and about 11 years later ...


Left: Jazz and Casey Powell
Right: 'Jazz' at nearly 14 years of age with grandson 'C.J.'

*Thanks to Joni for the use of photos from her web site.

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Synama's Pi Are Squared C.D., O.A., O.A.J. - 'Pi'

Jazz's Pedigree

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  Ch. Blackoak's Beau Jacque
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          Ch. Blackoak's Crescendo C.D.
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  Innisfree's Kathleen
Ch. Khovaki's Jazz Cellar 
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