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Ch. Skyzar's Firehouse - 'Flame'


Red/white, dog
Owned & bred by Kathleen Brinnier

"Now you've got to fly... Fly to the Angels.
Heaven awaits your heart and flowers bloom in your name"

In your memory "Flame"...Thanks for all you've given to this breed...


'Flame' 'Flame'




Flame progeny on our Web site:

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Flame's Pedigree

  Innisfree's Willit Run
  Ch. Innisfree's Brannigan
  Ch. Innisfree's Chandalar Sage
          Am./Can. Ch. Innisfree's Fire and Frost
  Ch. Innisfree's Return Engagement
  Innisfree's She-Ari
  Ch. Turick's Tulik of Yeso Pac
Ch. Skyzar's Firehouse 
  Am/Can. Ch. Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar
  Ch. Innisfree's Pagan Sinner
  Ch. Innisfree's Connameara
          Ch. Kaycee's Saroja Sable O'Skyzar
  Ch. Demavand's Sa-Shunka of Sno-Den
  Ch. Saroja's September Scheravari
    Ch. Saroja's Scheherazade



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