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Synama's NASCAR Connection - 'Daytona'


Red/white, amber eyed dog
CERF - SH-7876N/2002
OFA - Too young
Owned by Amy and Steve Broxey, co-owned by Patty Powell
Bred by Patty Powell & Betty Mitchell

Photo at six months of age. See more of 'Daytona' on the Makaia web site.

Daytona's Pedigree

  Ch. Innisfree's Norwegian Wood
  Ch. Kalonik's Woodchip
  Ch. Innisfree's Antionette
          Ch. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
  Ch. Innisfree's Hunter
  Innisfree's Designing Woman
  Ch. Innisfree's Destiny
Synama's NASCAR Connection 
  Ch. Skyzar's Firehouse - 'Flame'
  Ch. Synama's All The Right Moves - 'Cruise'
  Khovaki's Wintersweet Phoebe - 'Phoebe'
          Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsprite - 'Molly'
  Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsmoke - 'Smoke'
  Wintersweet's Woodrose - 'Rosie'
    Ch. Pandi Valdea's Total Terra - 'Terra



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