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Ch. Indigo's Icing on the Cake - 'Birdie'


Gray/white, brown eyed female
Bred/owned/ loved by David and Sheila Qualls, Betty Mitchell and Patty Powell.

Birdie finished at the Greenville SC cluster shows winning a 4 point major both Friday 2/15/08 Spartanburg Kennel Club and Saturday 2/16/08 Hendersonville Kennel Club.


Birdie's Pedigree

  Ch. Indigo’s Seacrest Islander
  Ch. Indigo's Killer Instinct
  Ch. Indigo’s Invisible Touch
          Ch. Indigo's Iesau
  Ch. Indigo’s Iasy Rider
  Ch. Indigo’s Intimate Incounter
  Indigo’s It’s a Pity
Ch. Indigo's Icing On The Cake
  Ch. Kalonik's Woodchip
  Ch. Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
  Innisfree's Designing Woman
          Wintersweet's Woodwitch - 'Annie'
  Ch. Synama's All The Right Moves - 'Cruise'
      Ch. Wintersweet's Woodsprite - 'Molly'
    Wintersweet's  Woodrose - 'Rosie'



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